Debug:, 2014
New website and some identity work for the poetry stage Perdu in Amsterdam. One special focus was how to deal with 30 years of archive material, and how to create a way to a way to enter it.
Visually, I wanted to see if something, other than the usual loader animation, could be done during the waiting time between pages. Ideally, to make something that is part of the visual identity, instead of accounting it as lost space. With Anja
Website for Künstlerhäuser Worpswede. But in reality, most of the discussions was about the visual identity, and to make something outspoken to mark the new direction of Künstlerhäuser Worpswede and it's current moniker Die Kolonie. Title handwriting by Kalle
A website with a unicode world-clock for the (mostly) Melbourne-based Architects Sibling Nation. Please be a bit patient with the loading times, it is hosted in Australia.
A website to show the works of the artists in residence at De Ateliers in Amsterdam. This would be one partial solution on how to deal with an increasingly page based layout, while at the same time keeping the good old scrollbar.
There are a lot of things going on in the beursschouwburg in Brussels, so a big part of the work was finding structures that fit their programme. Visually, it's the first time I use some form of grid, and I think that might happen again, in one way or another., 2011
My first entirely intentionally mobile-friendly website, I suppose everything from this point on will be made to work on phones, as well as computers. With Sam., 2011
For the Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011 I got the chance to try some things with the 'fold' (the difference between the immediately visible area, and what is visible after scrolling). And in general, a bit more focus on the surface and spatial structuring than, say, cognitive structures.
Archived version of the website from 2011.
Website for Galerie Fons Welters. Programming by
The typeface is specified as sans-serif, so in most cases it will be viewed in Helvetica on macs, Arial on a PC or perhaps Droid Sans on the phone.
Portfolio website for photographer Corriette Schoenaerts. If you can, please use a large external monitor when viewing.
Portfolio website for Luna Maurer. Using algorithm-based image placement so the layout keeps its' characteristics regardless of the screen size. (Although today, you can do the same thing a lot easier using flexbox)
Website for the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. It is a combination of a regular hierarchical website and an open publishing platform for anyone within the academy to publish images, text and videos in their own name. With Alexander Shoukas and Kjartan Fridriksson.
Website for the temporary café and gallery 'Popup Cafe'. With Per Törnberg.
Render Clouds, 2009
For a party and homey poster competition by Marie Bourlanges and Marie Burlot on the theme 'posters on posters'. Screen printed by Kees Maas.